In fact, just starting off can be tricky, so of course here I am with another guide! What you want now is territory. Get to at least You can fight other lions for territory without paying anything once every hour. Make sure to fight lions with stats that are lower than yours but still within your level range. If you find Cheetah Skulls or Moonlights hold onto them. Keep your feathers, large leaves, and underbrushes!

The aforementioned headaches I was talking about. As tedious as they can be to manage, they have their uses. Claim as many as you can, then keep 5 young ones you like. The rest you can sell as fodder. Players looking to increase their Karma for leaderboard or other purposes always need lions to use, so this is fairly good, stable, and reliable market.

However, do not oversell your lionesses. Sell each of them for 5sb a piece in bundles of no larger than 5. Remember, these are adult lions and they take up space in a den! As your pride grows larger, you can get more of them, but for right now 3 will do. Make them into a hunting party. The remaining two will act as broodmothers. While your first broodmother is free, you can only have 1 per 10 territory, which — provided you completed step one - should leave you with 2 broodmothers to use.

Being new hunters, your lionesses might be lousy at first and may even fail a few times but give it time. Practice makes perfect, after all. This means you only have to feed them every days. When your territory gets larger, your hunting parties get bigger, and the lionesses more experienced, getting gb a day should be a cinch.

These lionesses will breed the second generation of your pride! Unlike your hunters and broodmothers, breeders will come from the TC from lionesses who are already in heat. Get NCLs who are in heat. Try and get at least one chased lioness from the TC who is in heat, two if you can.I may not have the fanciest boy but he is beautiful in my eyes.

Idk if I should get ferus or corrupt as my next king 😭

Been a HOT moment since I have drawn lions with effort. Look at this poor cute little wolfie! The nascent works of a browser-based pet sim targeting creatively-inclined adults looking to recapture some of that nostalgia of a pre-Viacom Neopets era while incorporating the newer ideas of similar browser-based sims that have been successful, while avoiding or tweaking aspects that have not. My focus is having a strong foundation of history and plot that players interact with individually and as a community to engender storytelling and artwork.

This has been taking up the most of my effort. The core of gameplay will be acquiring genetic traits via a unique system tied to the lore of the site, as well as breeding traits to create unique characters while building up a bond between the player and their avatar.

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This is one species of many, demonstrating different teeth genetics, mane display and texture, coat color, and scale pattern. Many traits will be able to pass between species, and colors specifically are based on custom color gradients on a patterned base to keep the colors consistent. Eyes, nose, pawpads, hair and scales will all have variants of color as well; this is just a demonstration of variety for now.

Much, MUCH more to come! Another species, demonstrating the same scale and hair texture as the last frame of the first image, showing how a trait like hair texture will transfer between species. The initial sketch of a major NPC, Vayawla. Autumn helped me workshop his design quite a bit, so she can take a lot of credit for that. I plan on having a rich cast of NPCs that players will interact with and grow close with in-game, with some features dependent on reputation with the NPCs.

A quick sketch of one of the upcoming species, based on Xolotl, a figure from Aztec mythology associated with dogs, axolotls, maize, fire, death, and lightning. I want to focus on creating creatures less drawn upon by popular media while still being ripe with possibility and a fun model for artists, so less dragons and griffons and more shishi, jackalopes, and serpopards! Woofy visitor wishing you Merry Holidays, decor for Lioden for later this month, coming to wardrobe by tomorrow!

Crits are welcome, however not applicable to this art, as it is already set up - I will write down your input to use for next time I draw wolves! Which will be a lot.

References are used only for anatomy reference when drawing, we do not own these photographs. JavaScript is required to view this site.Additionally, standard raffles pulled automatically should now correctly update lion counts. This can be done by anyone to any lion, and was introduced as an aid for breeding to see what lions look like pre-breeding! Next update batch will be on art update next friday! Remember that the event ends on February 28th at pm, and all your currency will be stored in your account until next year.

Shad has added new tags in February, Doodles and Misc, check them out as usual! You have won the last raffle lady with first Wilge River BG! New poll LINK - while we work on the latest poll results tweak, here you can help the art team decide what to plan for April decors!

25 hp kohler command pro engine problems

ROYAL is the final recolour we wanted to introduce before new markings launch in ! I DO apologize the Trivia is down when something like this is launching. Enjoy the decors, yay! And hey I did not forget about that golden sphinx mask decor. It will come! Also, additional note: Special Jewelry: Amethyst recolour decor appeared in tier 2 slap shop - the other one is craftable as initially planned. Shad has added new tags, check them out as usual!

This is wrong. We strictly do not allow off-site trading and will ban anyone who participates in an off-site trade. Such people might be mistaking promise-based transaction ruling.

Welcome to Lioden

Off-site trading was always absolutely forbidden and the outcome is a permanent ban. You have won the last raffle lady with first Sunset over Entabeni BG! We were worried you guys would get upset something gets changed, because it looks like decors not losing uses or not equipping like intended were here for a longer time.

Just a clarification - decors lose their uses upon unequip. This is to prevent any 0 uses items ingame. So when you equip a 5 uses decor to your lion - it still has 5 uses. As you unequip, it goes back to your hoard with 4 uses - because it was on your lion, used once. This was linked to previous breedings with that male that had produced frozen cubs. We have added 22 new emotes for you to enjoy! You have won the last raffle lady with first Simien Mountains BG!

Based on this suggestion we have added an empty background to Monkey Business for half the BG price. I am also planning to prepare a new brush set for next art update, consisting of clouds, reptile skin, etc. Stay tuned!

Snek game received a special update to match Aphrodisia event! As soon as you reach total, you will receive a notification that you have unlocked African Bush Viper skin and Lovegrass level in Reptile Roundup! Additionally - Flirt shop items have been rearranged and their prices changed. Old Applicators will be now significantly cheaper, and all Backgrounds will now cost 40 HS max in both shops. Sapela is a new base that takes a spot along Cinnabar - it is Red Light Solid Special and is available only through breeding.

Heather is one of last recolours of existing markings - it is custom only and available in Oasis Customizers and Marking Applicators. This year our new upgraded server was able to handle the heavy traffic caused by adjusted script - and everything is working as it should be without extra lag.

Twitch page - Follow to receive email when I go live!Gorilla Enclave has been released! You can find it in Explore where a gorilla sits with a cub. If you cannot see the text, just hard refresh the Explore page:. When you enter the page, you will meet a very handsome gorilla who wants a seemingly endless supply of young cubs.

His family wants kittens to pet, you see. They grow up so fast. Once every 24 hours you can accept a new quest from the gorilla and it will give you some criteria to fulfill. You can choose the difficulty of your quest from Easy to Difficult, and each difficulty gives a higher reward. The hardest difficulty can spawn a random super-hard criteria with extra payoff! A new currency, Monkey Teeth, will be awarded to you through these quests. You can spend them in the Gorilla Enclave for a vast variety of items - many which have already been on Lioden for quite some time, others which are new and exclusive to the Gorilla Enclave.

It is fixed for future. Feline Auburn and Feline Ebony - these Applicators will be updated every time we release new Feline shape! Thank you for patience! Remember that the event ends on May 31st at pm, and all your currency will be stored in your account until next year. Working hard on this, Michael managed to retrieve the data from our corrupted file and has managed to restore a good 4. They should all be in your inboxes now.

Downtime Again?? On Friday 5th May at approximately 7am server time, Lioden started lagging very heavily. We initially thought it was just a small blip and that it would all sort itself out. Upon further investigation we discovered that our database had corrupted pretty badly, which we believe was caused by the disruption earlier in the week with the physical data centre migration. The admin team very quickly went into alert mode; we discussed a plan of action.

We weighed up whether it would be worth a 24 hour downtime for DNS propagation or whether it would be quicker to wait for our host to diagnose and repair whatever was going on. We also had the option of a new database server. The database server was sold to us under the promise that it would take 8 hours - we asked to be fast-tracked as we wanted to get the game back up ASAP. We were then told 4 hours this was after 4 hours of downtime already, after first thinking it was a temporary blip and then having to diagnose the problem ourselves.

Throughout this time we took turns in sleeping and staying up to see if the server would come up, so the communication between admins was unfortunately very disjointed for a time. Had we known sooner that our total downtime would be upwards of 25 hours, we would have switched hosts immediately. Since we are on a new server, expect some lag for first hours of your gameplay as your data is being cached. What will happen next?

We will be moving host. We do not want to give this company any more money. We are temporarily staying put until we can set up a server with another company.Welcome to the Official Wiki for Lioden.

Lioden is a revolutionary twist on the SIM game experience - be the king of your very own pride of lionesses, breed the best cubs, defend your territory and battle other lions for supremacy. Whether you're completely new to Lioden, a returning user from years past, or someone who plays every day, we hope that this Wiki will have useful information for you that you may not be able to find on the site.

Need help?

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Use our official July event guide! Curious about the storyline? Check out the Civil War page! To use the Wiki, you'll notice that there's a navigation bar at the top of the page. Hover over any of the tabs and they'll drop down with links to specific pages.

lioden tumblr

Alternatively, click on any of the tabs to go to that section's splash page! You can also use the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page, which will redirect you to splash pages automatically. If you see any incorrect information or notice something missing on any of the pages, please use the "Contact the Wiki Team" link on the left hand side of the page!

This will forward us a message automatically, and we'll fix the issue as soon as possible! Shops Jul.

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Create account or Sign in. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Click here to edit contents of this page.

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Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Append content without editing the whole page source. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

lioden tumblr

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? Find out what you can do. General Wikidot.Attack This Lion Read about attacking You can attack another lion for one of three reasons - skill, experience and territory. If you are successful with a skill attack, you will gain some experience and a small increase in skill.

Renders arquitectonicos lumion

If you are successful with a territory attack, you will receive some experience and your territory will expand by 1 space. If you are successful with an experience attack, you will receive a big bonus to regular experience gains from a fight.

A lion can only be attacked for territory once per day, and can only be attacked once every 2 hours. You cannot attack a lion who is more than 2 levels below yourself. The defending lion will receive a defensive buff, so keep this in mind before attacking. Anjuna's Clan Memberships Stud Buds. View your achievements. Toggle navigation. Home Den Anjuna's Den Welcome! I post about Lioden on my tumblr; Willow's Pet Site. I love art, especially pixel art!

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Feel free to PM me, I don't bite. Sinister Anjuna.

Koiffee’s Den

View Pride Overview. You can attack another lion for one of three reasons - skill, experience and territory. King Dynasty.

Pride Dynasty. Join For Free! All rights reserved. VAT number There are 8 lions with mutations in Anjuna's pride. WillowArmadillo Joined:. Read about attacking You can attack another lion for one of three reasons - skill, experience and territory.

It will cost 20 energy to attack this lion. Luciferus played by Scarlet Level 13 - 18 lionesses - 12 cubs Send Message.A new, awesome game in our game section has appeared! You will be shown your final score - you can send it once a day to get a reward! Any zoom in or out will atm break how the tiles work. Also we plan to have next version working great with mobiles! Leaderboards for points are also planned, probably for next update. For now, please enjoy the game and see how you like it!

Ah good question! One of best scores can grant you decors that are unique to Serengeti Shuffle! Remember that this is version 1, and despite all the testers we had, we are not able to cover as many systems and situations as there are on live game.

Please help us resolve all problems! Lipomatosis is a new lethal mutation, where cub would pass away at… well.

While this illness can be benign to humans, our version is lion-based, in wild Africa, without any medical care, and with the tumours spreading to spine and heart.

Also, we want to apologize for the lagspikes. Remember that the event ends on November 30th at pm, and all your currency will be stored in your account until next year. Congrats Risky ! You have won the latest raffle lady along with Marigold Crackle and Lace! Looks like you guys prefer more new decors in Monkey Business! Once again, we have focused on a number of quality of life updates. This will of course be recorded in your user and SB logs for you to review.

As per suggestion here. Clicking this button will buy items selected from ANY section of the page, not just the section the button is underneath. This is to save time, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page just to buy a single Nesting Material ; As per suggestion here. You can choose whether you want to search for a specific raffle prize, or raffles that allow a certain type of ticket.

This will only apply to the current pregnancy - any future pregnancies will need to be seen by the Bat again. Go to his page and find the link to his cubs bred just above his Biography! This was highly requested due to lionesses not being happy or fed enough to breed, so here it is! Any lions in the cave that is destroyed will be automatically moved to your Unsorted lions. We had an issue with the SB logs not working for it, which had been screwing up the entire script causing it to not run.

Clay mane markings are now available in the Oasis and the Marking Applicator! Remember that the event ends on October 31st at pm, and all your currency will be stored in your account until next year. New mods have been contacted and are undergoing training. Thank you guys for applying!

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